Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in the search of an apartment- part 2

We have seen some more apartments.(you can read about the first part here) Although most of them would suit us, they were just not IT! Maybe I am wrong but I am still waiting for "this is my apartment" kinda feeling. I want to believe that somewhere out there is an apartment that will give me that feeling :)
so far some of the drawbacks in the apartments that we looked at, were:
- no view form the windows, or should I say, jail like window view, which is kind of depressing and sad
- bars in the windows since the apartment was on the first floor
- bad location
- a little too small
etc. etc.
It is not that we are picky. We do not mind old kitchens, ugly bathrooms or not so nice wall colors, it is all changeable. We just want a nice layout in a nice location with a reasonable maintenance fee. And we know that we can find it, we just need to look and be patient :)

Today we are going to see an apartment in this building

The building is lovely and we love love the location!! therefore I am very excited. Unfortunately, there are no more pics on the Realtor's website so I did my own digging and I found some other, old, listings from that building. If the webs are correct then possibly this is the layout of the apartments

I think the layout is great, it will suit us perfectly, and the amount of closets it just amazing!! I hope it is something similar to the picture. I know I am being silly, but it just the excitement of all of it :)
I still cannot believe that we might soon live together in some cozy apartment of almost ours.
I will let you know how it goes

Thank you for reading


  1. Doesn't sound like you're being too picky at all... man, bars on the windows? What a downer that would be. Even though it's exhausting, moving is so exciting, so remember to have fun!

  2. I hope it went well, and you found your apartment. It looks like a nice one. Our first apartment when we got married was a bachelor apartment. So tiny, but we didn't care :-)