Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh the big city

My friends live in a studio in Williamsburg with the most stunning view of the city. I couldn't resist not taking any pictures :) so I will share some with you.

sundown... beautiful pink skies


I love the one below, with still pink skies and with the lights lighting up :)

My friends have an amazing view as you can see :) I'm happy that I took those pictures.
New York is great ... always busy and never resting. However, I dream about being able to live somewhere calmer, at least for a little while... just to see how it is :)

Thank you for reading


  1. That is a great view any time of day. Also -- I love the entrance to the apartment in your last post -- I think I commented on it before but it was deleted when blogger went down :-/ Good luck with the apartment search!

  2. Thank you very much :)
    I hope we will find something that we'll love.
    The entrance to the building is amazing and the area is magnificent, with the park close to it, we felt like we no longer were in new york, which was very cool :)