Sunday, May 8, 2011

is it an obsession?

While cleaning my room today, I stopped and looked around...

Books on my desk, next to the desktop

On the shelf next to the desk

Love books with white covers ;)

Uncontrolled stuck of books... since I have no place to put them

It just gets bigger and bigger

and then there is the big book shelf. As you can see books are stocked one on the top of the other


... and more books

what, even more?

books on the wall shelf, above the bed

I love all books, old, new, paperbacks, hard covers, baby books, children books... I definitely have more than I can handle.. is it an obsession? 
I cannot part with them... just need to find a better way to store them... 
I will let you know if I will find a way to do so... :P

Thank you for reading,


  1. Witaj:)
    Kolekcje ksiazek masz pokazna :)to trzeba przyznac :)
    Jestesmy razem juz ponad 4 lata...:)a Wy?
    Pozdrawiam :)

  2. my w lipcu bedziemy miec 4 lata :) wiec podobnie bardzo

  3. It looks just like our house :-) We have a bit of an obsession with books too.

  4. I have got the same:) I live in a tiny flat with no room for shelves - since moving they are all in boxes stacked up high in the hall. Like you I love them - books of all kinds; the one thing I will not get rid of!I loved seeing all your books - right now I am reading one I saw on your shelf and that is Pamela.

  5. A book obsession is the BEST kind to have : )