Thursday, May 19, 2011

boston terrier love

 I have always dreamed about having a dog. Unfortunately, in the place that we currently live in, dogs are not allowed so I was unable to own one. So I hope that when we move out I will be able to get a small dog :) Currently, I and my fiance (or finance as we like to call it haha) fell in love with Boston Terriers. They are small, very very cute and what is most important, extremely smart - at least according to the info on the net and friend's description.
I will want to adopt one instead of buying, so that will be my priority and I hope we will be able to find one, happy fella :)

See this adorable little face? ahhh my heart is melting

Sooo cute :) love love love it
Truly, I cannot wait for the day that I will be able to get a dog :) Would love to have a companion and since I love walking it will be great to have someone to walk with.
I hope that one day my tiny little dream would come true :)



  1. Witaj:)
    To pierwsze zdjecie mnie powalilo...slodki pyszczek i te oczy...:)
    Zycze Ci by Twoje marzenie sie spelnilo!!!
    Pozdrawiam :)

  2. dziekuje :) tez mam nadzieje ze sie kiedys spelni

  3. This is the dog my son-in-law longs for. He and my daughter live in an apartment and attend school, so they also have to wait.But he never stops talking about "his" Boston terrier that he will have one day. They are very cute!