Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park

The good thing about New York City is that there are so many things to do and see that all you need is a will to do something and an idea. On one Sunday afternoon we did not want to stay home since it was really nice outside so we decided to go to the beach and walk on the boardwalk. However, there was a little traffic on the way (the not so cool thing about NYC) so we decided to go somewhere closer... the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Looking closely at the bridge you can probably notice that is being restored so half of it is covered. Gotta restore the history ;) hah

The park under the bridge is really nice.  There is a lot of greenery, people can sit and relax. It has a cute little pond.

and I even spotted a small turtle. Isn't that cool :)

We saw people getting their wedding pictures. She was in a white dress and he was in the tuxedo.  I kind of felt bad for the guy, it was really hot. However, I bet they have wonderful pictures.

 We got some drinks in the bar and we sat down on the grass and enjoyed the view of Manhattan.  After living here for so many years the view is still breathtaking and magnificent to me... would you agree?

I have never been to statue of liberty. There is a rumor or rather a superstition  that once you go see the statue of liberty and then you leave nyc, you might never come back... as I said, it is a superstition and I have heard it from a lot of people... however, I would love to go see it and maybe I will do it this summer :)

The building that you see here is the Sea Port. It is very lovely, it has small restaurants and bars and it is one of my favorite places in the city. If you ever come to NYC you need to see Sea Port :)

So.... we have spend a nice day out there. Did not spend a lot of time there since it started to get really hot... but it still was nice and better than sitting at home. And it is really awesome that it was just minutes drive from home... that is what I love about NYC.



  1. Great pictures! Thanks for checking out my blog...I am now following you. Hope you will do the same!


  2. Wonderful pictures! I've only been to NYC a few times and I'm anxious to return! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. cool pics!
    Thanks for visiting me...am following:)
    Claudia xo

  4. This is making me miss NYC so much. I had not heard that superstition about visiting the statue of Liberty...I hope it's not true! Such beautiful photos...It does look hot! You are so right, all you need in NYC is the will and an idea.

    xo annie