Monday, June 13, 2011

a little outdoor space is better than nothing...

yea... my fiance's parents have a patio on top of the garage instead of a backyard and it still is better than nothing (I sadly live in an apartment with no outdoor space for my own :( ). Every year his mom buys a lot of flowers and plants them around the patio. When they are all grown, it looks magnificent :) I will show you how it looks right now

That is the whole patio. I love how they made the wooden railing, it makes it look spacious and nice.

things are starting to grow :) 

love the yellow bundle :) recently it was so windy that the poor things got a little bended in the direction of the wind so my fiance's mother had to put them on the floor and they are perfectly happy now :)

that little fella was handmade by my fiance's grandfather in Poland. It got a little destroyed over the years... but no worries... last year they brought a completely new  one to put in :)

a little light makes it nice and cozy during the spring and summer nights

so as you can see it is not a huge space but it is still very useful and nice to have. In New York City you gotta cherish every bit of outdoor space that you can claim as your own. By the way... I am a little jealous and would love to have a patio like that.
What about you? Do you have your own outdoor spaces? Do you enjoy them?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bachelorette Party Card

A close friend of mine is getting married soon, so the girls and I are having a bachelorette party for her Smile We are going to a club in the city (Manhattan) or maybe a couple of clubs… we’ll see.
I decided to give her a gift card to accompany a small gift. To make it look nice I made a special card that will nicely hold the gift card.

For some reason I am crazy about the cardboard-like scrapbooking paper Smile

I was working on the card around that mess… nothing new. My desk always gets this messy when I am working on something.

At least it was just my desk, usually I also tend to take over the floor Smile with tongue out haha. Yes, I am that messy when I am crafting

So that is the finished project Smile I am pretty happy with it as it was totally my idea and I just went with the flow and with the ideas that I had (something I learned in the Art class I took this semester)

That is the inside of the card with the GUESS gift card :) I hope she will enjoy it. Most of you won’t be able to read what it says as it is in Polish.
The front of the card says:
Your bachelorette night
and the inside continues into saying:
will be wild and forever remembered as the craziest night ever
Wish you all the best
from the bottom of my ♥
… and my name”
I hope she will like the card and that the night will really turn out to be remembered forever haha
Hey: Did you have a bachelorette party? Was it wild? What was the craziest bachelorette you have ever attended?
Thank you for reading

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park

The good thing about New York City is that there are so many things to do and see that all you need is a will to do something and an idea. On one Sunday afternoon we did not want to stay home since it was really nice outside so we decided to go to the beach and walk on the boardwalk. However, there was a little traffic on the way (the not so cool thing about NYC) so we decided to go somewhere closer... the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Looking closely at the bridge you can probably notice that is being restored so half of it is covered. Gotta restore the history ;) hah

The park under the bridge is really nice.  There is a lot of greenery, people can sit and relax. It has a cute little pond.

and I even spotted a small turtle. Isn't that cool :)

We saw people getting their wedding pictures. She was in a white dress and he was in the tuxedo.  I kind of felt bad for the guy, it was really hot. However, I bet they have wonderful pictures.

 We got some drinks in the bar and we sat down on the grass and enjoyed the view of Manhattan.  After living here for so many years the view is still breathtaking and magnificent to me... would you agree?

I have never been to statue of liberty. There is a rumor or rather a superstition  that once you go see the statue of liberty and then you leave nyc, you might never come back... as I said, it is a superstition and I have heard it from a lot of people... however, I would love to go see it and maybe I will do it this summer :)

The building that you see here is the Sea Port. It is very lovely, it has small restaurants and bars and it is one of my favorite places in the city. If you ever come to NYC you need to see Sea Port :)

So.... we have spend a nice day out there. Did not spend a lot of time there since it started to get really hot... but it still was nice and better than sitting at home. And it is really awesome that it was just minutes drive from home... that is what I love about NYC.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in the search of an apartment- part 2

We have seen some more apartments.(you can read about the first part here) Although most of them would suit us, they were just not IT! Maybe I am wrong but I am still waiting for "this is my apartment" kinda feeling. I want to believe that somewhere out there is an apartment that will give me that feeling :)
so far some of the drawbacks in the apartments that we looked at, were:
- no view form the windows, or should I say, jail like window view, which is kind of depressing and sad
- bars in the windows since the apartment was on the first floor
- bad location
- a little too small
etc. etc.
It is not that we are picky. We do not mind old kitchens, ugly bathrooms or not so nice wall colors, it is all changeable. We just want a nice layout in a nice location with a reasonable maintenance fee. And we know that we can find it, we just need to look and be patient :)

Today we are going to see an apartment in this building

The building is lovely and we love love the location!! therefore I am very excited. Unfortunately, there are no more pics on the Realtor's website so I did my own digging and I found some other, old, listings from that building. If the webs are correct then possibly this is the layout of the apartments

I think the layout is great, it will suit us perfectly, and the amount of closets it just amazing!! I hope it is something similar to the picture. I know I am being silly, but it just the excitement of all of it :)
I still cannot believe that we might soon live together in some cozy apartment of almost ours.
I will let you know how it goes

Thank you for reading

Thursday, May 19, 2011

boston terrier love

 I have always dreamed about having a dog. Unfortunately, in the place that we currently live in, dogs are not allowed so I was unable to own one. So I hope that when we move out I will be able to get a small dog :) Currently, I and my fiance (or finance as we like to call it haha) fell in love with Boston Terriers. They are small, very very cute and what is most important, extremely smart - at least according to the info on the net and friend's description.
I will want to adopt one instead of buying, so that will be my priority and I hope we will be able to find one, happy fella :)

See this adorable little face? ahhh my heart is melting

Sooo cute :) love love love it
Truly, I cannot wait for the day that I will be able to get a dog :) Would love to have a companion and since I love walking it will be great to have someone to walk with.
I hope that one day my tiny little dream would come true :)


Monday, May 16, 2011

letter love...

I found this amazing blog on the net yesterday. Couldn't resist and looked through all the posts there. That is how bad I am if I find something that I really like :)

and after awhile I fell in love with this amazing project that the Birdie Blue has done

I want to have something like that as well :) So I am in search of a letter K and some nice paper to tackle the project.
Go check out her amazing blog as it is full of great inspirations. I love it :) What do you think?

Thanks for reading

Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh the big city

My friends live in a studio in Williamsburg with the most stunning view of the city. I couldn't resist not taking any pictures :) so I will share some with you.

sundown... beautiful pink skies


I love the one below, with still pink skies and with the lights lighting up :)

My friends have an amazing view as you can see :) I'm happy that I took those pictures.
New York is great ... always busy and never resting. However, I dream about being able to live somewhere calmer, at least for a little while... just to see how it is :)

Thank you for reading