Wednesday, May 4, 2011

been so long

since I posted last time. I just have so much going on- excuses excuses.

Today I have been working on some of my projects for school. One of them was a research paper about an excellent educator of my choice. I decided to write about  Charlotte Mason, a British educator who started teaching by using short lessons, Living Books instead of textbooks (the books were written by people who had passion for the subject, in easy, comprehensible language) and by using art and free play. She was amazing and really loved children. A part of the project was also creating a Museum walk board. So here is what I have came up with

It is not done as my printer refused to print pictures and I would need to do it at school before class.
I used cardboard box that I had at home, instead of buying the board at the store. Not only did I save some money, but I am also environmentally friendly ;) wink, wink.

Besides that I have been working on my art portfolio for an Art class. Overall, my room was a huge mess today.

You can actually see the portfolio laying next to my bed (the white notebook thing)

I have so much to tell you guys that I will need to do it in other posts :) The engagement, the wedding, moving out, the in-laws meeting my parents etc. Told you I have a lot to tell ;)

Thank you for reading


  1. Reading blogs......haha, good luck with the project, with the moving (which I am also doing these few weeks, etc