Thursday, April 14, 2011

busy busy

sorry I'm not here much and not visiting blogs much, but I'm just really busy.
Last weekend I took 8hrs of testing for Teaching Certificate. I was really stressed out about it so I could not concentrate on anything else. This is my last week of school and then I have a week off. Hopefully, I will have a chance to relax and catch up on more school work.

Besides all that school menace, we are planning our wedding. So far we have... let me think, there is so many things... oh yeah we have NOTHING. Not one thing ;/ We are currently looking for an elegant restaurant that will host around 50 guests. We want good food and alcohol for a good price, so we are still looking.
Next thing is going on a dinner with both parents, so they can formally meet. That is kind of stressful as well. A lot of things. Sometimes I'm feeling overwhelmed with all of it. However, I want to enjoy it :) I am seeing it as the wonderful thing that happens once in a lifetime (hopefully) and I want to make the most of if :)

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  1. gosh, I feel your stress! A lot going on for yur right now. I hope your tests went well, and you are able to start finding the right places/things for your wedding soon.