Monday, June 13, 2011

a little outdoor space is better than nothing...

yea... my fiance's parents have a patio on top of the garage instead of a backyard and it still is better than nothing (I sadly live in an apartment with no outdoor space for my own :( ). Every year his mom buys a lot of flowers and plants them around the patio. When they are all grown, it looks magnificent :) I will show you how it looks right now

That is the whole patio. I love how they made the wooden railing, it makes it look spacious and nice.

things are starting to grow :) 

love the yellow bundle :) recently it was so windy that the poor things got a little bended in the direction of the wind so my fiance's mother had to put them on the floor and they are perfectly happy now :)

that little fella was handmade by my fiance's grandfather in Poland. It got a little destroyed over the years... but no worries... last year they brought a completely new  one to put in :)

a little light makes it nice and cozy during the spring and summer nights

so as you can see it is not a huge space but it is still very useful and nice to have. In New York City you gotta cherish every bit of outdoor space that you can claim as your own. By the way... I am a little jealous and would love to have a patio like that.
What about you? Do you have your own outdoor spaces? Do you enjoy them?


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  1. I completely agree...a little outdoor space is better than nothing and makes you cherish it even more. Sometimes when I am in the city and I see window boxes that are not tended to whatsoever, I am surprised. I know everyone is busy, but if you live in the city and you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space or even a window box or would thrill me to plan even one window box for each season. Whenever I garden I start with gloves, but eventually take them off...the feel of digging in the soil to make something beautiful is good for the soul.

    xo annie