Wednesday, March 30, 2011

last skiing trip

yes your are not mistaken, during the weekend I went to PA for the last skiing trip this season. Crazy, right? I know. However, the lifts were cheap and we had a free house in the woods to stay at, so we decided to go :) When you scroll down to see the pictures, you will not be surprised that we skied :) Here are some of the fun things we did and saw :)
We played Blokus- super fun, competitive game for all ages
Here it is up close
We had wine and cozy fire in the fireplace :)

We had a very nice company, among was Cocoa, one adorable Havanese

And some pictures of the surroundings :)
Yes, this is how spring looks at the time in PA.
huge lovely window in the house.

It was a very nice trip :) I just hope that next time we'll go, it's gonna be all nice, green and warm, and the snow will be gone :)

Funny memory: The guys were drinking some whiskey and so they got a lil tipsy. They were talking about some stuff and one of our friends asked another guy: "How old were you when you were born?" LOL I do not think he was fully sober when he asked that question, but we had a great laugh :) 

Thank you for reading


  1. Brilliant photos, love coco the dog, my dog is also called coco!

    How's the house hunting going?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Aw thats cute :) unfortunately cocoa is not my dog, but she is very adorable :)

    house hunting is ok, we recently found some interesting houses in New Jersey around 40min away from nyc so we are very pleased that there are some possibilities :)

    thank you for asking :)

  3. Great! Jealous and we ended our ski season a hwhile ago. I'm awful anyway. My husband just makes me try all of his hobbies.