Sunday, March 13, 2011

Confused society

Oh how many times have I been wondering about all the things that we are forced to do. Many times we do not even think about things we are doing, we just do them. We do not stop and wonder "Do I really want to? Do I really need that?" We do it because that is what society expects us to do.
Not so long ago, I was reading some article about homeschooling (sorry I do not remember the website) and the author of the article at the end stated something very important "When did we stop being Human Beings and when did we become Human Doings?" It is an amazing thing to say. This is what I feel people became. We just do , do and do more. Staying home to read a book and maybe learn something is not as appreciate as going to a yoga class etc. etc. We do people feel such an urge to impress others? I do not know... I think we are all confused about our priorities...
I am not perfect, I am far away from being perfect... however I know that I do want to live my life for ME! I do not want to do things against myself just to impress others. I might not always be able to do so, but I will try.

I have only one life, one chance, and I want to live it so some day I can say "I have been a good, happy person and I had a good life" That is all that really matters at the end :)


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I like the quote you mention about "Human Doings". Very true!
    My husband is half Polish from his father's side, so I have a last name with z's and y's in it : )

  2. I like it. Enjoy the "aha" moments of life.